Letter Writing Cafés

Letter Writing Cafes
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GOALS of Pop-up Letter Writing Cafés:

– To encourage people to put their concerns in hand-written letters to politicians, corporations and merchants focussing on a particular
– topic chosen for the event. Hand-written letters are shown to be more effective than on-line petitions.
– To encourage people who want to take action against climate change to join their friends and neighbours in the easy-to-do action.
– To make politicians, corporations etc. accountable for actions for which we do not agree.
– To make our concerns heard via good old-fashioned pen and ink

This initiative by Plastic Free Denman & the Climate Action Committee is a way of encouraging action on topics we feel are urgent. We see this as a way of getting people out, joining in discussion, doing something positive and (hopefully) effective and help us to feel less helpless and isolated in the face of the on-going dire news about climate change. Our committees would like to connect with other groups in various locations to encourage Letter Writing Cafés everywhere. This would create a much larger impact, develop awareness and unite us in times of uncertainty. For those who cannot march on Fridays for Climate Action, for those who are discouraged by the lack of progress and the slowness of politicians to make meaningful changes in legislation, these cafes are at least an opportunity to act.