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Repair Café on Denman!

Toss it? No way!

A Repair Café is a free event for community members to connect and repair items together.

Denman Recycling Centre and Denman Island Climate Action Network (DICAN) are excited to host and sponsor a seasonal Repair Café on Sunday, April 23rd, (the day after Earth Day) from 1-5 pm. The event will be held in the Recycling Centre at 5901 Denman Road.

The very first Repair Café was held in Amsterdam on October 18th, 2009. Conceived by Martine Postma, dozens of neighbours showed up and the event was a great success. This prompted Martine to start the Repair Café Foundation to fulfill the following goals:

  • To bring back repairing into local society in a modern way;
  • To maintain repair expertise and to spread this knowledge, and;
  • To promote social cohesion in the local community by connecting neighbours from very different backgrounds and with different motives with each other through an inspiring and low-key event.

Since 2011, this foundation has provided support to local groups all over the globe. Their website address is: Repaircafe.org

This is the time of year when we begin to look at our gardening tools, and some of them might need attention. When we attended the Repair Café at Lake Trail School, we took along two axes that needed new handles, which we provided. We hoped we could learn how to attach the handles such that the heads would not come flying off! Success!

DICAN has approached a few of the many experts on Denman who will help with sharpening, oiling or repair.  The hardware store will have replacement handles for the event. Another expert will deal with anything to do with hoses. Bring us your non-functioning wheelbarrows! Watering cans! Shovels, rakes and loppers! (No gas or power tools at this time.) If you know what needs repairing, pick up the replacement parts and you will learn how to work with them.

Intrigued? Go to DICAN’s website to learn more: denmanislandclimateaction.ca

Stay tuned for future Repair Cafes focused on clothing mends, small appliance repairs and more!

Reduce, reuse, recycle and REPAIR! Happy Earth Month!