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The Federal Election on September 20 calls upon us to ensure the candidates know that climate change is a critical issue for voters as record-breaking climate events ravage communities and ecosystems
coast-to-coast and around the world.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest report on August 9. Its unsettling conclusions are not for the faint of heart. The UN General Secretary warns that the report has put the planet on “Red Alert.”

The report confirms: We are in the midst of a climate emergency and if those in power fail to take immediate action to correct course, we are headed straight for a climate catastrophe.

  • Climate changes are accelerating and warming will continue until at least 2050, even if we take immediate steps today to sharply cut emissions. The graphic effects the world is witnessing — extreme droughts, severe heat waves, fire storms and catastrophic flooding — will continue to worsen.
  • Aggressive, rapid and widespread emissions cuts, beginning now, could limit the warming beyond 2050.

Demand a commitment by federal candidates to

  • Eliminate spending on fossil fuel infrastructure and subsidies to the fossil fuel industry
  • Dramatically reduce fossil fuel emissions and invest in the renewable energy sector
  • Invest in green economy jobs and support a just and equitable transition for communities
  • Provide funding to protect species-at-risk and intact eco-systems

Take Action Now

ACTION: Write to the leaders of the major political parties today. Tell them you will be voting for immediate, bold and just action on Climate Change!

Liberals: Justin Trudeau PM@pm.gc.ca
Conservatives: Erin O’toole Erin. OToole@parl.gc.ca
NDP: Jagmeet Singh Jagmeet. Singh@parl.gc.ca
Green: Annamie Paul info@annamiepaul.ca

Climate Destruction in our own BC Backyard

While the leaders campaign, the ancient trees of British Columbia continue to topple to the forest floor. Climate change and the cutting of the ancients at Fairy Creek and elsewhere in BC are closely intertwined. Intact ecosystems of trees, wetlands, soil, and other vegetation provide natural “carbon sinks,” absorbing CO2. The older the tree, the greater its potential to store carbon and slow climate change. The trees at Fairy Creek have become emblematic of passionate efforts to save this planet. Over 800 people have been arrested at Fairy Creek to bring attention to this urgent crisis.

Though this issue appears to be under provincial jurisdiction, there is a role for the federal government to play. Canada is bound by the international Convention on Biological Diversity. And, recently the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government has a right to impose a carbon tax because responding to climate change is in the national interest. This means that Federal candidates cannot ignore the link between Climate Change and Fairy Creek.

Our one and only earth needs us to act.
If not now, when? If not us, who?