Electronic Waste – Support the Right to Repair

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Electronic Waste

Have you ever had to replace your electronics, not because they weren’t technically fixable, but because the repair options were too limited, restrictive and expensive?

Well, what if I told you that this was all by design? For years, major companies have used outdated copyright laws to make this reality hard to escape, and it’s not only bad for the wallet, it’s also very bad for the planet. Electronic waste is now the fastest growing type of waste in the world.[1]

The good news is that since February, the federal government has been considering updating a bill that could help fix the problem. Momentum is building, but powerful tech lobbies are actively fighting similar initiatives around the world. Now is a critical time to make your voice heard. Support the right to repair in Canada!

The purpose of this bill is to modernize the Copyright Act to prohibit so-called technological protection measures, or “digital locks”, imposed by manufacturers to block or limit our repair options.

This Act hasn’t been amended since 1993! And since then, the digital world has exploded. It’s time to act!

A wind of change is blowing worldwide, directly challenging the dominance of manufacturers over consumer rights. The European Union and a number of American states are actively working to restore the right to repair.

It is time for Canada to update its legislation to protect Canadians’ right to repair and to fight against planned obsolescence. Join the movement: add your name to support the right to repair in Canada now!

Thanks for taking action with me today,
Digital campaigner, Greenpeace Canada