Climate Projections for Islands Trust Area

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Denman Island climate map

March 2020 Introduction: Rising temperatures, changes to seasonal precipitation patterns and more extreme weather events are challenging the unique ecosystems of the Salish Sea. With a mandate to preserve and protect the islands, it is important for Islands Trust to understand how climate change will continue to challenge terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and use this information to inform the Islands Trust Conservancy’s conservation planning initiatives and property securement and management actions.This summary report provides climate projections and potential impacts for the Islands Trust Areato support decision-making around how to adapt future acquisition and stewardship of land to appropriately consider climate change. The first section offers key indicators of temperature and precipitation that display how conditions are expected to change within the Islands Trust Area’s land, waters and surrounding ocean in the 2050s and 2080s.1The second section describes how these projected changes are expected to impact biodiversity, as well as terrestrial, aquatic and oceanic ecosystems. Read full report here.