We Are Not Alone

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As I write this I, like most of you, may be thinking what should I do on Oct. 21st if I haven’t already voted. However, I also realize from looking at results of voting on Denman in 2015 which was as follows: NDP – 556, Conservative – 56, Libs – 62 and Green – 50.  So while some may have switched their vote to Green this time, I would imagine most would stay with Gord Johns. (I may be wrong of course). Overall the NDP won over the Conservatives by almost 7000 votes. From published polls this year (338canada.com) the result will likely be closer this time,  You and I will know by the time you read this. On this day of writing, I was in touch with Guy Dauncey and he sent along his piece written in the Tyee on Oct. 16th about what was influencing his vote. Here it is:


On FireWhat I or you don’t know as of today (Oct.17th) is what the overall result of the election will be and more importantly what will be the impact on the environment and changes going forward which is the biggest issue of our time. I was in a book store today and staring at me in a place where it shouldn’t have been was Naomi Klein’s new book “The Burning Case for a Green New Deal”. As we embark on our Climate Action Journey on Denman to move towards becoming Carbon Neutral by 2025, I believe this will be an important and very helpful book to us on this journey. On reading through the chapter headings I was struck by one title which said: “Stop trying to save the world all by yourself”.  I was encouraged by a quick reading of this chapter which basically said we are not alone in our fight for dealing with climate change. This is reinforced by the fact that worldwide on Sept. 27th there were over 7 million (mostly young people) who walked in a strike for climate change action. And what’s more is that almost 1 out of 7 of those were from Canada.  We indeed are not alone and we have reached a tipping point where we can only go forwards, not backwards, no matter who is in charge of our government.

Finally, I wanted to share briefly about another book I have just read called “Inconspicuous Consumption”. The author makes the point that just about whatever we do, or buy or use is having an impact on the environment. This means we have a lot of work to do over the next few years to make a difference.

As this reaches your mailbox the Climate Action committee will have met for the first time to chart a course for our Action on Denman. We will be more successful if we all can work together.  It is never too late to become more active if you wish but if not please be positive when someone approaches you to discuss what we can do to take action for ourselves, our neighbours, our community and beyond.  Information about the Committee’s action will be on the DIRA website. So do follow us and if you so choose get involved to whatever extent you are able.

Dr. Ron