Together we can make a difference

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Guy DaunceyClimate Action on Denman got a great kickoff on Wed. Sept. 18th at the Community Hall with guest speaker Guy Dauncey challenging Denman Island to become Carbon Neutral by 2025. He believed that Denman with its’ high level of awareness of the effects of climate change combined with its’ high level of community involvement was the perfect place to reach this challenging goal.

Guy took us through a wonderful presentation of his perspective of why we are in the dire strait we are in with respect to climate but also offered a broad range of options on a spread sheet to help us reach the goal of carbon neutrality. His biggest challenge to us however, was for us to work together in achieving this goal.  This challenge led me to use TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE as our motto. The call is for all Islanders to come together to make what changes we can to achieve carbon neutrality.

With this in mind we will be working through the newly formed Climate Action Committee under the umbrella of DIRA to move forward. Many of you have indicated your willingness to be involved in moving our action forward and you will be contacted soon if you haven’t heard already.

So thank you to all who came out to Guy’s presentation (well over 100 attended).  And remember: TOGETHER WE CAN A DIFFERENCE!